Free Trial

Unlimited Free Trial in TEST mode

When the app is first installed, it is set to TEST mode, which means you and only you — and not your customers — to see rates from our app at checkout.

You can use the app in TEST mode forever! You will only need to authorize an app charge when you decide to put the app in LIVE mode.

This gives you as much time as you need to set-up your product groups and define your shipping methods, without feeling like there is a ticking clock before you need to start paying.

7-Day Free Trial in LIVE mode

Once you decide to go live with the app, so it starts returning rates to your customers, you will authorize a pick a plan and authorize a subscription charge with Shopify. At that point your 7-Day production trial will begin. You will get to use the app in LIVE mode, for 7-Days before you actually get charged.

As long as you uninstall the app before the end of this 7 day trial you will not be charged anything.

Unlimited Free Trial in LIVE mode for development/trial shops

We offer an unlimited free trial in LIVE or TEST mode for any shops that are designated as affiliate/development* shops, or shops that are still within Shopify’s 14 day free trial. You will get unlimited use of the app in LIVE mode without having to approve any subscription charge.

*The development shop status only applies to shops that were created/started by a shopify expert.

If you have a shop that is being used for development/staging purposes but doesn’t have the specific designation from a shopify as a development shop, this unlimited trial will not apply.

If you do have proof that you are using a shop purely for staging/development, we usually offer a $1/month subscription as long as you are paying for the app on the production version of the shop.

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