Vendor Shipping Rules allows you to combine real-time shipping rates from Printful with shipping rates for other products in your shop.

Ordinarily, when using Printful’s app in Shopify, you will only be able to get real-time rates from Printful if all the items in an order are from Printful. The moment there is a non-Printful product in an order, shipping rates from Printful will not be returned.

With our app, you can now combine shipping rates from Printful with shipping rates for your own products, and even with rates from a variety of different vendors/fulfillment services.

Step 1: Activate the Printful Integration

Scroll to the bottom of the main page of the app and click “Activate”.

Step 2: Provide your Printful API access token.

1. In the Printful admin go to Stores > Settings [Edit]

2. Navigate to “API” in the menu

3. Click “Enable API Access”

4. Copy the API Key

5. Paste the API into Vendor Shipping Rules.

6. Activate.

Step 3: Create a new fulfillment service “Printful”

Step 4: Assign “Printful” as the fulfillment service on all your printful products.




Currency Considerations

Printful returns their shipping rates in USD.

If you store currency differs from USD, you will need to use the percentage mark-up field to get the rate to match your currency. 


Let's say your store uses the Danish Krone, and you want to use the Printful rates. The current conversion rate is 1 USD ~ 6.46 Danish Krone, so you would want to put in a 646% mark-up to the rate returned from Printful.