create the shipping rules you've only dreamed of

  • Set rates for multiple vendors
  • Rates based on items, weight, or price
  • UPS, FedEx, USPS, and Canada Post rates
  • Also integrates with Printful and Pixels
  • 1.
    assign products
    into groups
  • 2.
    create rules
    for each group
  • 3.
    rules get
    blended together

repeat this logic within each shipping zone, and for multiple methods. (ie, ground/express/overight; signature/no-signature required; etc. )

  • Flat Rate Rules

    Item, Weight, Price Table Rules
    % of Product Total with max/min
    Per first & additional Lb/Kg/Oz/g
    Per item & each additional item

  • Carrier Rules

    Set ‘Ship From’ Zip Code
    USPS, UPS, FedEx, & CandaPost
    Choose perferred shipping methods
    Many more advanced features

  • Dropshipping / Vendor Rates

    Whether you have 1 or 1,000 dropship vendors, you can set the correct shipping rules for each one, and each of their rates will blended together at checkout based on what you customer orders. You can even use carrier rates and set your vendor’s “Ship From” postal code for perfect accuracy.

  • Heavy and Light Items

    Are some of your products too small or too big to ship work with your current shipping rules? As an example, our app lets you ship your small items via USPS first class mail, your regular items via FedEx, and your big items ship via flat rate rules.

  • Free Shipping*

    Maybe you want the majority of your items to ship free, but you have a a few items that shouldn’t ship free. Or maybe you want to offer free shipping on just a few items for a special promotion, without needing to use discount codes. Our app will let you do both.

  • Custom Shipping Methods

    Now you can offer special shipping methods only on the products where applicable. Signature Required/No Signature Required; Regular/Lift Gate Truck; In Store Pick-up for only certain products; with/without Insurance. We’ll offer these options only when the correct products are present in an order.

  • Restricted Zones

    Do you have some products that you are not allowed to sell to certain regions? We allow you to specify what products can’t ship where. If a restricted product is attempted to be shipped to a restricted region, we’ll return no shipping rate, and prevent the customer from completing their order.

  • Expanded Carrier Rate Features

    Integrate with UPS, FedEx, USPS, and CanadaPost with advanced features like: specify package dimensions for different product groups; split packages based on number of items; USPS Flat Rate box support; residential / commercial address dectection; negoiated rates; UPS pick-up type; set different ship from and ship to zip codes.

designed exclusively for shopify

Advanced Shipping Rules is tightly integrated with the Shopify platform, making use of the under-utilized fulfillment service feature, and directly integrating with your existing shipping zones. Once you are set-up our highly usable UI makes it a breeze to add and edit your rules. There are no awkward CSVs to upload, or any requirements to add more data to your products that aren’t already in Shopify.