• 5 Vendors
  • One vendor with real-time rates
  • Free Printful integration

$5/month per additional 10 vendors. 

0-5 Vendors 6-15 Vendors 16-25 Vendors 26-35 Vendors 36-45 Vendors 46-55 Vendors 56-65 Vendors ...
$14.00 $19.00 $24.00 $29.00 $34.00 $39.00 $44.00 ...

Each vendor can have rules configured for an unlimited number of shipping zones. 

$5/month per additional real-time rate, per vendor. 

Included in the $14/month base charge is the ability to set-up real-time carrier rates  ( UPS, FedEx, USPS, or Canda Post ) for one vendor. Once you set-up a real-time carrier rate for one shipping zone for a vendor you can set-up other shipping zones for that vendor with any real-time carrier rate. 

When you add a real-time carrier rate to additional vendors the app will ask you to approve a charge for an additional $5/month. 

Once you've added a real-time rate to one shipping zone for one vendor, you can add real-time rates to all other zones for that vendor with no additional charge. 


$49/month per additional blended 'method'. 

Adding an additional method, is a extra advanced feature, that in effect clones the functional of our app in way to offer a second shipping method logic for blended rates. While you can activate this feature on your own, we recommend contacting customer service to go over your needs first. 


Why the ala Carte Pricing?

When we first launched the app, we priced it at $49/month. But this price was out of reach for smaller shops who just wanted to use the app for adding one or two extra dropship vendors. So we wanted to lower the price for those people, while still charging an appropriate amount for shops who more heavily rely on the app for their business with many more dropship vendors. 

Also, that original $79/month pricing was before we added the real-time carrier rate functionality. Keeping these shipping APIs up and working properly require more work and support, but has been a heavily requested feature.

Bulk Discounts, and Custom Plans

For agencies and/or store-owners who want to use our app on more then 5 shops, please contact for a bulk discount. Or for shops with a very large number of vendors and/or large number of vendors with real-time carrier rates please contact us for a custom plan.