Why does the app use ‘Fulfillment Services’ instead of the vendor field to populate the slots for rules in the app?

We originally planned to use the vendor field, but decided to use the ‘fulfillment service’ feature instead because the vendor field applies only to an entire product, but cannot be assigned down to a variant. Because ‘Fulfillment Services’ can be assigned to variants it give you the granular option to apply your rules to only specific variants within a product.

Why do I need the Real Time Carrier feature on my shop, if your app does not provide real time carrier rates?

In order to push the dynamic rates configured in our app to the shipping rate on checkout, the app must use the Real Time Carrier rate API. When you add the Real Time Carrier feature on your shop, you are really adding the ability to use the shipping rate API.

If Shopify included the use of the API for free, then anyone could build an app that delivers dynamic rates and include real time shipping rates from carriers, thus circumventing the premium feature.

I'm a smaller shop and paying for the Unlimited plan to get the Real Time Carrier feature is too expensive, what should I do?

  1. Add the feature a la carte for $20/month
  2. Add the feature for free when you switch to yearly billing

Both these methods invovle contacting Shopify support via live chat, or over the phone, and requesting the upgrade. They should be able to upgrade on the spot, and it usually takes 10-60mins for the feature to fully activate.

Why do I see (DEVELOPMENT MODE) in the shipping rate title?

Development shops that haven't upgraded to a paid Shopify account, can use our app as unlimited free trial, with the caveat that that the text (DEVELOPMENT MODE) will appear in the rate title during checkout.

After a development shop is upgraded to paid account, that title will remain until the app is opened again and the monthly charge for the app is approved.

If you are seeing (DEVELOPMENT MODE) in the rate title after your shop is out of development mode, then please open the app and approve the our app's charge.

Who makes this app?

This app is brought to you by Bambri, a Shopify Expert from Brooklyn. Check out Bambri's website and expert's profile.

Can you customize the app to meet other requirements I may have?

We are actively seeking feedback and feature requests for this app. We are considering a variety of different features but would like to be guided by the needs of the shops currently using the app, so please get in touch with any ideas or requests and we will work towards adding them to the app, or to create a new app.

We'd also like to hear from you if adding one feature in particular would motivate you to purchase the app.