Advanced Shipping Rules allows you to combine real-time shipping rates from pixels with shipping rates for other products in your shop.

Ordinarily, when using Pixels' app in Shopify, you will only be able to get real-time rates from Pixels if all the items in an order are from Pixels. The moment there is a non-Pixels product in an order, shipping rates from Pixels will not be returned.

With our app, you can now combine shipping rates from Pixels with shipping rates for your own products, and even with rates from a variety of different vendors/fulfillment services.

Step 1.

Install the Pixels app, and create products in your shop. 

When you create products from the Pixels app, those products will automatically be assigned to a custom fulfillment service "Pixels". 

Step 2. 

Open the Advanced Shipping Rules app and scroll to the bottom of the main page. 

Find the panel with the Pixels logo and click the 'Activate' button. 

Step 3. 

Click 'Activate' again on the bottom of the next screen. 


When you see a row at the top of the app with the Pixels logo, it means the Pixels activation is ready to go! Its that simple

How it works

Products assigned the fulfillment service "pixels" ( done automatically when creating products from the Pixels app ) will have their shipping rates calculated directly from Pixels' shipping rate API.

When there are only Pixels products in an order:
We will display all shipping methods returned by the Pixels API. ( Ground and Overnight )

When there are other products besides Pixels in an order:
We will use the default shipping method you select or the lowest priced shipping method returned from Pixels (only if your selected method is not found).