Real-time Carrier Rates

Our app allows you to use real-time rates from UPS, FedEx, USPS, or Canada Post as rules for each of your vendors. 

When you add a real-time rate to a vendor, you enter in your vendor's 'Ship From' Country and Postal Code and when an order is placed the app returns a retrieved carrier rate using the "Ship To" address from your customer to calculate the shipping cost for that vendor. 

When you add an rule to any vendor, select the "By Carrier" Option

Enter in the vendor's "Ship From" country and postal code. 

Because our integration uses retail rates from the major carriers instead of negotiated rates you do not need to provide any unique API credentials to start getting rates. 

This also means that if you may want to reduce the price of the rate by a percentage or fixed amount to get the rates closer to what the vendor's rates are. In order to do this use the "Shipping Cost Adjustments" area. 

When using real-time rates sometimes an EXACT shipping cost match is not possible, based on some factors like box dimensions, or the vendor having negotiated rates. But with the "Shipping Cost Adjustments" most vendors are able to get rates at least within a dollar or so. 

The real-time carrier rate will be applied to that vendor and shipping zone

Required: Products must have weights in Shopify

You must have weights properly set-up on products from any vendors using realtime rates in order to get accurate results. 

Currency Considerations

UPS, FedEx, and USPS all return their rates in USD. Canada Post returns their rates in CAD. 

If you store currency differs from USD and CAD, you will need to use the percentage mark-up field to get the rate to match your currency. 


Let's say your store uses the Danish Krone, and you want to use UPS rates. The current conversion rate is 1 USD ~ 6.46 Danish Krone, so you would want to put in a 646% mark-up to the rate returned from UPS.