Coming Up Next:

  • Total Order Free Shipping Override
  • Custom Override Rules
  • Fulfillment Service create/assign set-up helper

Prior Releases:

September 2016 Multiple Shipping Methods & Titles

  • Ability to create multiple shipping methods that can be used across fulfillment services ie. Ground, Express, Overnight;  Regular, with Lift Gate Truck; etc.
  • Ability to customize the shipping rate title per zone per method
  • TEST mode. Where the app will only show rates when the first name in an order is "Bambri" 
  • Better on boarding information guides when you first install the app. 
  • Zip code specific mark-up/mark-down

June 2016

  • Fail rates/prevent shipping to specific shipping zones for only certain products
  • Free Shipping override if over a certain total price amount per fulfillment service
  • Return Multiple Methods ( Ground, 2-Day, Overnight, etc ) when only one fulfillment is in an order
  • Choose default shipping method for a fulfillment service ( i.e. FedEx Smart Post instead of Home Delivery ) in a blended order
  • Control package settings by determine how to split packages based on number of items in an order. 
  • Flat Rate shipping box options for USPS
  • Dual Layer Dropshipping: Set a fixed 'ship to' zip code and a percentage of product price mark-up. 
  • Negotiated Rates for FedEx and UPS
  • Automatic determination of Residential/Commerical address for FedEx and UPS
  • Ability to set pick-up type for UPS to 'Daily Pick-up'
  • Set maximum weight cap, so if order is over certain rate the highest allowable weight will be used without failing the shipping rate. 
  • Using more logical shipping method defaults for each carrier. 

May 2016

  • Intergrations with FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, and Canada Post
  • Set origin zip codes for each fulfillment service/vendor
  • Mark up rates by percent, flat fee
  • Specify carrier rates per fullfillment service/vendor, per shipping zone.
  • Currency support
  • Settings for weight units

April 2016

  • Ability to set rules per shipping zone, per fulfillment service
  • Integration with Printful shipping rates API
  • New item rule option: per item, plus additional
  • New price rule option: percentage of product total
  • New weight rule option: per pound, plus additional
  • UI and branding upgrade

Original Release, February 2016

  • Ability to configure table rates for fulfillment services based on price, weight, and items.