Shipping Methods & Titles


Now you can set-up multiple shipping methods that will work across fulfillment services.

Here is what the app looks like before you set-up your first additional shipping method.

Here is what the app looks like after you set-up your first additional shipping method.

With this feature enabled, we add a new column "Method" to the home screen table. This will now allow you to configure rules per fulfillment service, per zone, per method.

Notice how the first method is highlighted in gray. This is your default shipping method, we recommend that you always have rules set-up for this one for every fulfillment service.

But let's say 5 out of your 10 fulfillment services have two shipping method options: Ground, and Express. You can now configure your express rules for those fulfillment services.

If all the fulfillment services present in an order have an express shipping method rule configured, your customer will see two shipping options at checkout. The Ground option will be all the Ground rules added together, and the Express option will be all the Express rules added together.

However, if even just one product in an order belongs to a fulfillment service that does not have an Express method rule set-up then the Express option will not be shown to the user. To put this another way: an additional shipping method will appear at checkout only if all fulfillment services in an order have a rule configured for that method.

Also by this logic, if only one fulfillment service is present in an order, then all the methods set-up for that fulfillment service will display to the user.

You can add more methods to accommodate more options. Let's say that in addition to Express, you want an Overnight option for just three fulfillment services, then create a new method for Overnight, and set-up rules for Overnight for just those fulfillment services.

Adding a new method

  1. Click the "Shipping Method" button at the top of main page of the app.
  2. Click red "+Add Shipping Method" link at the bottom.
  3. Click Upgrade for additional $49/month. This feature costs an additional $49/month, per additional method.
  4. Approve the charge on the next page. You will be taken back to the Shipping Method page.
  5. Edit the label for your new method by clicking the little red link under "Method X" in the first column. This label is used for internal use only, and will be your reference for this method on the main rule table.
  6. Edit the method titles per shipping zone by click the red outlined "Edit" button in each row. These titles will be how the shipping method is displayed to your customers for each shipping zone.

How this works with real-time carrier rates

When you are using carrier rates with additional methods, be sure to set your preferred method within each shipping method under "Advanced Settings" within the carrier rule edit page.

So if you have two methods: Ground and Express, and you are using UPS as a carrier for a fulfillment service, then you will want to assign UPS to both methods. For the Ground method be sure to select UPS Ground as your preferred method. For the Express method be sure to change your preferred shipping method to one of UPSs Express options like "Three-Day Select" or "Second Day Air". When an order contains more than one fulfillment service the app will use the preferred shipping method rate as the value to add to the final rate calculation for that shipping method.

If an order only contains one fulfillment service, then any of the shipping methods selected in the "Select the shipping methods you'd like to offer" section of the advanced settings will show.

Please note, if you have the same shipping methods selected for carrier in both shipping methods you may see duplicate rates appear during checkout for the those methods.

Let's say you have UPS Ground checked on both the Ground and Express shipping methods. You will see UPS Ground appear twice, and if you have not changed the mark-up or other settings they will show with the same price.

Using the Append Text to Rate Title feature

Let's say you decide to use the multiple shipping methods for something like "Normal", and "Signature Required". You would set up an additional method called "Signature".

For the Default "Standard" rule, set-up your UPS rate as you would normally: with whatever methods you want to offer and your preferred method.

Then for the "Signature" rule, set-up UPS as the carrier, and check the same methods and choose the same preferred method. However, for signature required you can add a $3 dollar mark-up to that rule.

Then in the Advanced settings, find the "Append Text to Rate Title" section, and add the text "Signature Required".

Now when a customer orders from this fulfillment service only you'd see something like this:

UPS Ground  $10
UPS Ground - Signature Required  $13
UPS 2-Day Air $25
UPS 2-Day Air - Signature Required $28