1. Verify ‘Real Time Carrier’ feature

First check to make sure your shop has the Real Time Carrier feature enabled. Even if you think you do, double check by getting on Shopify Live Chat and asking if it is. If you do not have the feature enabled, enable it. You can either add it for $20/month, or ask to have it included for free by upgrading to yearly billing cycle, do this upgrade over live chat or over the phone.

2. Verify app is added to shipping zone

If you get confirmation that you have the Real Time Carrier feature on your shop, then go to the Shipping section in the admin under “Settings”.

You should be see under your shipping zone “Vendor Shipping Rules rate estimates” with a little truck icon.

If you don’t see that text and icon, do the following.

  1. Click “Add Shipping Rate”
  2. Under “Add Shipping Rate” dropdown, select “Real-time rate estimates”, and choose “Vendor Shipping Rules” as the carrier service.
  3. Save

Then verify that that it was added by seeing the text “Vendor Shipping Rules rate estimates” with the little trunk icon.

Then run a test order again and you should see the rate appear.

3. Verify "Fullfillment Service" was added to the right products/variants in your test order.

Take a look at the products/variants in the order that you are having a problem with, and look up each one individually in the admin and make sure that the field for 'Fulfillment Service' has been changed from "Manual" to the proper new value.

4. Check if a mark-up was applied to Vendor Shipping Rules in the Shopify Admin

You are able to mark-up the final rate the app outputs in the Shopify admin. This could be causing the final rate to not match exactly.

Go to Admin > Shipping > Settings

Under the Shipping Zone, click the blue link "Vendor Shipping Rules rate estimates"

Verify that a mark-up has not been applied.

Still not working?

Email or call (646) 820-1242 for further assistance.