Working with other shipping apps

Will work with shipping / fulfillment apps


Our app will work seamlessly with any shipping apps that are involved with printing of labels. Advanced Shipping Rules only deals with providing rates at checkout. These apps deal with processing orders for shipment after an order has been placed.

Will not work with carrier service apps


Our app, as well as the apps listed above, are all carrier service apps — apps that provide shipping rates at checkout. Carrier service apps cannot talk to each other. Each carrier service works in their own silo, providing whatever rates they can based on items in the cart.

So you cannot use Boxify to specify box dimensions and then also use our app to use those box dimensions in rating.

So you cannot use a LTL freight quote app, and somehow use our app to utilize that LTL freight quote app to combine with rates for other products.

If you need a integration with our app please send us a feature request.

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