Create fulfillment services

If you ship all your products, and don’t use 3rd party fulfillment providers, or dropship vendors then you can skip this step, and go on to Create product groups.

If you are a multi-vendor marketplace that has dropship vendors, and or different locations fulfillment centers/warehouses where products ship from, we recommend setting a new fulfillment service for each one.

Should I use fulfillment service or product group?

Create Custom Fulfillment Service

  1. From the main page of the app, click the right most tab + Add Fulfillment Service
  2. Enter a name for your fulfillment service.
  3. Click Add Fulfillment Service

Assign Products to Fulfillment Service

  1. With the new tab for the fulfillment service you just created opened, click the Manage Products link to the right of the label for Default.
  2. Select the products that should be added to this fulfillment service.
  3. Click Assign Selected Products

In the next step we explain adding product groups. You can add product groups to “My Products” and to any of your fulfillment services.

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