Additional blended rates

Additional blended rates ( one's in addition to the default blended rate ) can be added to offer multiple shipping options for orders that contain more than one product group.

There will always be one blended rate by default that cannot be removed. A preferred method for every product group/zone will always need to be assigned to this rate, to make sure a shipping method always appears for orders with any combination of product groups ( except if you are using zone restrictions ). 

Add an additional blended rate. 

  1. At the very top right of the app, click the Settings button.
  2. Choose Blended Rates.
  3. At the top click the Add Blended Rate button.
  4. In the modal that appears enter a label for the blended rate, it will be used only for reference within the admin.
  5. For each zone, click the Edit Rate Title, customize the title that will appear at checkout for that blended rate, and then click Save Rate Title.
  6. Then go back to the app home screen and edit each product group/zone that you want to add the new blended rate as an option for. In the section Blended Rates for.. with in each group/zone will give you the option to assign to a preferred method for that blended rate. 

An additional blended rate will only show when all product groups in an order have a method assigned to that blended rate. 

Let's say you have three product groups. 

  1. Items that you ship via UPS Ground, and UPS 2-Day
  2. Items from Vendor A, that ship via USPS Priority, and USPS Priority Express
  3. Items from Vendor B, that only ship with cheap flat rate ground option. 

Your default blended method, Standard Shipping, has the ground methods assigned for each product group. 

You then add an additional blended rate, Express Shipping.

  1. For your product group, UPS 2-Day is assigned to the Express Shipping blended method. 
  2. For Vendor A product group, USPS Priority Express is assigned to the Express Shipping blended method. 
  3. Because Vendor B has no express method, no method is assigned to the Express Shipping blended method. 

In this case:

  1. Standard Shipping and Express Shipping options will show when your products and Vendor A products are in an order. 

  2. Only Standard Shipping will show whenever Vendor B products are in an order, regardless if your products or Vendor A products are also in an order.

    The Express Shipping blended rate will not show as an option whenever Vendor B is in an order, because it doesn't have a method assigned to the Express Shipping blended rate. 


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