Shipping Zones

What is a shipping zone?

A shipping zone in shopify is a specified region based on countries and/or provinces.

Each specified zone allows you to set a unique set of shipping rates that will be displayed to customers using a shipping address that belongs to that zone.

Zones can use manually created rates, or use calculated rates from a carrier service, like the Advanced Shipping Rules app.

The app uses the shipping zones from Shopify shipping settings.

The app uses the shipping zones you have already created in your Shopify shipping admin to allow you to specify rules for each product group.

When you first install the app, we will pull in all your current shipping zones and display them as option for creating rules.

Sync your zones in the app after making changes.

If you make any changes to your shipping zones, you must go back into the app and go to settings to sync the updates you made to your zones.

  1. From any page in the app, click Settings.
  2. Choose General
  3. Locate the bottom section labeled Shipping Zones
  4. Click the Sync Shipping Zones button







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