Product Groups

Product groups are used to categorize products within a fulfillment service, or within "My Products". 

Each product group that you create has its own set of shipping rules for each shipping zone. 

Examples of product groups:

  • Products you ship that receive Free Shipping
  • Products you ship that go via USPS only
  • Products you ship that are free, but have a shipping charge
  • Products you ship that can only ship via express shipping. 
  • Products you ship that are to heavy to get proper rates from a carrier, and need special rule based rates.

Create a new product group

1. On the main page of the app, with My Products tab selected, click the full width button at the bottom of the page Add Product Group

2. On the next page, give your product group a title. This title will only be used within the admin for your reference.  

3. In the second section titled Add Products use the search and filter UI to locate the products that you want to assign to the new product group. 

4. Use the checkboxes to select the products that belong to the new group, and click Save Product Group.




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