Add a carrier based method

Carrier methods, like rule based methods, are added to shipping zones within each product group. You can add as many carrier methods as you'd like to each group/zone. You can add methods from different carriers as well. 

  1. Click the Edit button that shows when you hover a Zone Title within a product group. ( Use the “...” on mobile to reveal the edit button )
  2. On the next screen click the Add Method button.
  3. Choose By Carrier.
  4. Select a carrier from the first dropdown. 
  5. Select a method from the carrier in the second dropdown*. 
  6. Click Next.
  7. Enter a country and postal code in Ship From Postal Code.
  8. Click Save.

You can also configure more advanced rules with in the carrier method, which is described in other pages in this section. 

*Choose the correct method based on the shipping zone. 

You'll notice different groupings of shipping methods from each carrier when choosing your method. Each grouping has a label with what ship from and ship to addresses it works with. If you add a method to a zone and the ship from postal code, and shipping zone doesn't match that method's criteria then that method will never show up. 

For example:

Do not add UPS Worldwide to a zone for the United States.

Do not add UPS Worldwide Expedited from the Canada list to a zone for Europe

Do not add UPS Ground to a non-United States zone. 


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