Dual layer dropship

Dual Layer dropship is a featured used when you have dropship vendors who don't ship to certain shipping zones, usually international ones. 

For these vendor's products you want to have the vendor ship the product to your warehouse, so you can then send to your customer living in the outside zone. 

In this case, you can use this feature to specify a Fixed Ship To Postal Code

When you add a Fixed Ship To Postal Code, we will query the carrier method for shipping to that postal code instead of the postal code address provided by the customer. 

Additionally we allow you add a Percentage of Product Price to add on top of the rate for that order. 

*This feature only works with US Postal Codes. 



For a product group's Rest of World zone, for the UPS Ground method, you set a Fixed Ship To Postal Code of 11211 ( Brooklyn, NY ), and a Percentage of Product Price of 10%.

Someone places an order for products from this group totaling $100, shipping to an address to Europe. 

Our app will calculate the shipping price for UPS Ground shipping from the Ship From Postal Code to the Fixed Ship to Postal Code, plus add $10 ( $100 x 10%). For the final shipping total. 

In this case you will want to use a Custom Method Title, to change it from UPS Ground to something like International Shipping



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